July 29, 2013

Shrink Art Monogram Necklace–Kid Craft

Shrink Art Necklace {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
This was another fairly easy craft from my daughter's craft camp that the kids kind of just ran with.  (To see the other crafts from craft camp go here.)  I was just planning on making their initial and let them decorate it.  They decided to trace other shapes and turn it into a sort of charm necklace.  I printed some simple outlined shapes that I found searching on-line.  I also had some clipart from a shrink art kit we bought a while ago.  The only think I had to purchase was a necklace.  I got a rainbow colored satin cord necklace from Hobby Lobby for $0.99 each.
Shrink art necklace tracing shapes {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}        Shrink art Necklace Jump Rings {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}    
Shrink Art Necklace {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
Since I was afraid this wouldn’t take the full 2 hours I allowed for I also purchased some alphabet beads and some clear beads and each girl got to make a bracelet with their name.
Name Bracelet {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
I think the girls had the most fun with this craft.  They really got into making a bunch of charms and by the end of the craft they were using the jump rings to string them on their necklace all on their own.  I also had the official shrink art oven so they were able to shrink the pieces without much help from me (although you could also shrink them in the toaster oven). 
Definitely a hit with the kids!

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  1. cute diy! i have beening wearing my own for years, recently just got a silver monogram necklace from Opersonalized