July 3, 2013

Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

This has been bugging me for a while.  I tried to organize it a while ago but it just wasn’t working.
Kitchen Sink Organization Before {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
I had a basket that contained most things but it was too big and everything was just thrown in there.  I also tried the hanging rod for my bottles (I’m sure you’ve seen this on pinterest) but the rod kept falling and bending in the middle from the weight. I also hated the linoleum that was on the bottom.  The edges were curling up and it was always getting in the way.  You can see all the wasted space on the left.  I obviously needed to go vertical with my storage!

What I needed:
     * more organization for smaller things
     * a way to hang a smaller rod that was more secure.

I started by removing everything.  Then I built a simple organizer to turn dollar store baskets into drawers.  Similar to what I did here in my bathroom.  While I knew what I wanted in my head my first attempt was a FAIL!  The basket on the left held the tall bottles (I decided to try to eliminate the hanging rod).  It pulls out like a drawer.  The smaller baskets on top hold scrubbers, sponges, and smaller things.  Then I wanted two basket drawers on the right.  I’m glad I stacked them in first to check before I built the cabinet as I completely forgot to leave room for the trash can I have mounted on the inside of the door.  Of course, the door wouldn’t close and I couldn’t scoot the baskets back because of the garbage disposal. 
Kitchen Sink Organization Fail {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
My second attempt worked much better than I planned.
Kitchen Sink Organization {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
I built a taller cabinet on the left and added a second basket at the top for smaller things.  The basket below holds tall bottles that I can’t hang.  The bonus was the shelf I gained on top.  Now I  have a place for my foil, wax paper, and saran wrap and some space for a small basket of items.  Organizing the rolls was going to be another project in the future - I thought about building a shelf to hang then on the door inside the cabinet . . . . and I may still do this - but this is working for now.  On the right I was able to hang a smaller rod that’s more sturdy.  It works great!  Everything is off the floor and easily accessible in baskets that pull out like drawers.  And since I had scrap wood it didn’t cost anything!

One more side by side to show the improvement . . . .
Before                                     After
Kitchen Sink Organization Before {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}     Kitchen Sink Organization {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}

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