July 5, 2013

Disney World Map Links {and other helpful links}

A while ago I featured my Planning Binder for Disney World. and detailed what was included and how I divided it up.
Disney Binder Cover {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
Since several have asked I’ve decided to provide additional details.

I shared some cards I created with some tips for each park (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom) as well as some cards listing the ride height requirements.

After looking through the binder to see what else I can share I realized that I have a lot of maps for various things so I decided to link them up (along with a few other miscellaneous links that I found helpful).

     *  Pressed Coin Location List
     *  FastPass Ride List
     *  PhotoPass Photographer Location List
     *  Restaurant Menus (While I didn’t print this it was good to refer to when planning meals)
     *  Outdoor Movie Schedule
     *  Ride Height Requirements
     *  Ride Height Restrictions (organized by park)
     *  Disney Restaurant PDF Files (list of all restaurants by park, includes cost ranking)
Disney World
     *  Resort and Park Map
     *  Resort Map (this links to all but I only printed the resort we’re staying at)
     *  Transportation Map
     *  Touring Plans for Each Park (includes 1 or 2 day Magic Kingdom plan and plans for little ones)
Magic Kingdom
     *  Park Map
     *  Parade Route Map
     *  Firework Viewing Map
     *  Park Map
     *  Illuminations Viewing Map
Hollywood Studios
     *  Park Map
     *  Parade Route Map
     *  Fantasmic! Seating Chart
Animal Kingdom
     *  Park Map
     *  Parade Route Map
Downtown Disney
     *  Westside/Pleasure Island/Marketplace
     *  Westside/Pleasure Island/Marketplace (different version)

While I didn’t include these next two in my binder as my kids are too small and we’re not including them on this trip I chose to include the links to the maps here in case anyone else wanted them.
     *  Blizzard Beach Map
     *  Typhoon Lagoon Map

Also, did you know you could customize a map for each park for your trip? 
customized mapYou just click on each park, choose the rides and activities you want to include (click on the picture above to customize your own).  Do this for each park and then they’ll mail a color copy right to your house.  Be sure you’ve included everything you want before you order though.  They’ll only send a copy once every 6 months.  Although, there is an option to print your own.  We just received ours the other day!!

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