June 14, 2013

Zoo Scavenger Hunt–Free Printable

zoo scavenger hunt
My kids love the zoo.  In fact, we’re going to spend the night in the zoo for my son’s 5th birthday.  They have a ton of activities planned for the evening like a scavenger hunt and a hike in the dark (with flashlights).  My kids are so excited - I think I am too  Smile 

We’re fortunate to live near the St. Louis zoo which is one of the best free zoos around.  We actually bought a membership this year.  If you ever have a chance to visit the St. Louis Zoo I highly recommend checking out the sting ray exhibit . . . . especially if you happen to be inside during feeding time.  We got lucky the last time we were there and all got to take turns feeding them.  So weird!  The sea lion tunnel is also pretty cool!

This reminded me of the scavenger hunt I made for my kids the last time we went.  I just printed a bunch of animals on a piece of paper and then gave my kids a clipboard and a marker.  each time we saw an animal on the page they crossed it off.  I used both pictures (since my son isn’t reading yet) and the animals name (since my daughter can read).

I’m also included a page with the alphabet and a blank line after each as they both like to write the names of animals they find that aren’t pictured. 

Click on the photo to print the free 2 page download (minus the watermark).
zoo scavenger hunt

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