June 19, 2013

Summer Craft Camp for Kids!

Since my daughter is getting older and loves crafts I decided to host a craft camp for her this summer.  We picked 4 crafts using a variety of skills and materials.  A 4th of July shirt that will involve a little sewing, a monogram necklace using shrink art, a decorated journal using paper and Mod Podge, and a wood doll bed using simple tools.

The last one will require the most prep work but Ana White has made it a little more simple. She created a “home depot” style craft kit for an American Girl Bed.  She even adapted it so each individual bed can be bunked.  I just need to cut all the pieces and assemble some of it ahead of time.  I’ve allowed 2 Friday’s for this craft.  If they finish it in one I’m planning to have them sew a simple blanket or mattress for the bed.  Check back for a tutorial each week!  I’ll link them as we complete each project.

Week 1 – 4th of July Shirt
Week 2 – Shrink Art Monogram Necklace
Week 3 – Decorated Journal
Week 4 – Wood Doll Bed

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