May 5, 2013

Tips for Disney World - Magic Kingdom

After posting my Disney World Travel Binder I received several e-mails asking for details on the tips.  I decided to take a bunch of the tips and type them in in smaller "cheat sheet" cards that I can laminate and hang on a ring. Similar to my ride height requirement cards but larger.  I thought this would be easier to use at each park then the binder pages.  I'm still bringing my binder because I can't condense it all into cards but I can get the main things we don't want to forget.  My cards will be two sided.  I'm planning to cut out each side, place them back to back, and then laminate.  Click the picture below for the Magic Kingdom tips (minus the watermark).

I've been collecting these tips for a while now by researching many other sites on-line, reading books from the library, and talking to friends.  I can't guarantee they're 100% accurate as I haven't been there yet.  Use at your own risk!  :)

I also have tips for Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom . . . . and I'd love to hear any tips you have to share that I've missed as I'm sure there are a ton of them!

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