April 15, 2013

Disney Trip Planner

trip planner
If you’re planning a trip to Disney (World, Land, or even a cruise) I HIGHLY recommend a trip planner.

I found mine searching around on-line and she has been a tremendous help.  I don’t have to pay her a dime but she has spent so much time sending e-mails, making suggestions, and booking reservations on the phone.  She has ALL the answers and responds to my questions very quickly.  She has a facebook page and a blog that keeps you current on all the changes.

You can check out her blog to see what I’m talking about.  Visit disneytripexpert.com

You can find her facebook page here and her blog here.

Be sure to let her know Denise from A Sprinkle of This sent you (no, I'm not receiving anything for posting this ~ I just think her services are awesome!)

Since this is our first trip we’ve made several changes and she has managed to make them quickly with no problem!  She is very easy to get a hold of through her FB page or e-mail.

She also has tons of fun giveaways . . . . many include gift cards!

Even if you’ve already booked your trip you may be able to switch it to her . . . . and get a gift card! 
For those of you who’re planning a trip to Disney this year, and those who’ve already been, I’d love to hear any tips you have!  Or if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to post on regarding our upcoming trip just leave me a comment!

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