March 17, 2012

Happy St. Pats!

 So glad St. Pats was on a Saturday.  Gives us more time for fun ideas like these. . . .

We started the day off with green milk in Starbuck cappuccino bottles and Lucky Charms cereal.  Go here for the free printable bag toppers.
 Then, after lunch we had a scavenger hunt.  The prize at the end was these fun rainbow topped bags of M&Ms and Chocolate Coins.  Go here for the free scavenger hunt printables.
There are about 7 clues.  I had a pot of gold (gold tissue paper and chocolate coins) for each child at each clue. 

 They had so much fun!

March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday . . . .

  . . . .Dr. Seuss!!

 My daughter had hat day at school and since it's Dr. Seuss' birthday she wore her Cat in the Hat hat.

For a fun treat when she got home I made marshmallow cat in the hat pops.  Dip half of two marshmallows in white icing and then roll in edible glitter (or sprinkles).  For the brim roll out one marshmallow as flat as you can.  Then just stick all three on a bamboo skewer and add some ribbon.  A quick and easy treat!