November 19, 2012

Cutting New Glass for a Picture Frame

So I have these two frames that have broken glass in them. One is my kids chore chart and the other one is my meal planner in my kitchen
If you look closely you can see the crack running across the middle from left to right.

I didn’t want to pay for new glass so I found two large empty picture frames at a thrift store for $1 each.
It’s so simple to cut your own glass (or mirrors, or tile . . . .) if you have the right tool. My dad bought me this several years ago at a home improvement convention.
I measured the size I needed and then used a straight edge (my metal yardstick) to run the tool along. It has a little wheel on one side and you can hear it score the glass.
 Then you sandwich it in between the flat plates on the tool and give a light squeeze.
It doesn’t work 100% of the time because it depends on how well you score it but if you’re careful it works great! I’ve used it dozens of times and only had it miss a couple of times. When that happens it basically gets off the line and cuts crooked. Sometimes it’s fixable and sometimes it isn’t. It’s awesome when it works though

Two pictures fixed for only $2!

On another note . . . . do you see those cards hanging below the shelf. That’s part of my meal planning. I’m almost finished with those and will be sharing my system soon!

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