November 1, 2012

Kitchen List Organization

My new kitchen message center:

I’ve rearranged my photo wall in my dining room several times.  Here’s one past arrangement:
photo wall 2    
And the current look that I’ve had for a while now.
photo wall 4
I love the flexibility that the photo ledge provides.  I can easily take the pictures down, change them out, rearrange them, or add new ones.  Go here for details.

Go here to see the ledge I made for my electronics in my family room.

The other day I decided this would be great to use in my kitchen.  The desk area has been through several transformations.  It used to look like this . . . .
Kitchen Desk Message Center Before {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}

What a mess!!  Then it changed to this . . . .
Kitchen Desk Message Center Phase 2 {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
Better but I needed to fill the wall space and I needed a place to organize our day to day schedule.  I created several framed lists (breakfast choices, lunch choices, cleaning schedules, etc . . . . ) that I write on with wet erase markers.  They need to be taken down frequently as my daughter fills out two of them and my husband or I the third (On Sunday my daughter writes what she wants for lunch for the week on one board and breakfast for the week on the other and my husband or myself use the dinner one to plan our meals for the week).  I have a hard time taking them down and putting them up since they’re on nails.  You can also see all the previous nail holes from prior arrangements.  Since I’m planning to paint my kitchen soon I decided I needed a better system.
Message center above kitchen desk Before {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
The photo ledge is so easy to make and I have a ton of scraps so I decided this would be perfect.
Message center above kitchen desk after {A Sprinkle of This . . . . A Dash of That}
It took me longer to paint it then it did to build.

Did you notice the wall color?  You’re getting a sneak preview of my new kitchen color.  It looks so different and I LOVE how it makes the white pop!!  My kitchen makeover isn’t completely finished yet but I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

Did you also notice what’s missing from the shelf on the right?  My calendar blocks that my craft club made are also getting a makeover.  Stay tuned . . . .


  1. I followed this link from A Bowl Full of Lemons. I think your new shelf arrangement is lovely, and that blue looks divine in pictures! I'm a new follower, and I can't wait to read more.

  2. I'm curious -- What are all the charts and the key rings? Looks fun!

  3. I, too, am curious about the charts and the key rings...I'd love to find an easy way to plan menus!! It looks so organized and neat!!!

  4. @Teri

    Thanks so much. I LOVE the turquoise and hope to have a full reveal soon!

  5. @Scrap 'n Stamp To It!

    Those are my recipe cards. I have actually updated to make them match better. Each ring has a category like breads, breakfast, chicken, pasta, etc. I'll do a post on my menu planner soon :)

  6. @Teri

    The charts are for breakfast and lunch planning for my daughter, and dinner planning for all of us. I just created them in word. The rings underneath have my recipe card categories. I modeled it after one I saw on Pinterest. I'll try to do a more detailed post on them soon and offer the charts as a free printable :)

  7. I found your blog through a bowl full of lemons and am so excited to read more! love the organization