September 11, 2012

Bathroom organization

bathroom vanity left side before and after           bathroom vanity right side before and after
Since my vanity looks so nice and new with it’s fresh coat of white paint I decided to organize the inside.  My inspiration was this post.  Such a great idea and simple to make.  Kind of reminds me of the laundry basket dressers I made using Ana White’s plans

DIY laundry basket dressers
I bought some baskets from Big Lots in three sizes.  Not the color I wanted but it’s behind closed doors so I can live with it.  I built the cabinet out of scrap wood. 
I was able to fit four baskets.  Since I was working with scraps I had to adjust my design as well.  My boards were only 10 inches wide so I added a 1x2 to the front edge (similar to what I did for my laundry basket dressers here) so that I ended up with a depth of about 14 inches to match the length of my baskets.  I started with the bottom rail and put it about 4 1/2 inches from the bottom.  The top of the next one was about 4 1/2 above the top of the bottom one and so on.  Once it was all cut out and the rails glued and nailed I primed and painted it white.
vanity basket drawers primer coat
After it was dry I nailed on some leftover beadboard I had for the back and top.  Then I slid it under my sink and organized all my supplies.  I also added a larger matching basket on the right for larger supplies.  I have an divided acrylic makeup tray that I had to just sit on the top of the larger basket.  Eventually I’d like to build a shelf over the larger basket so I don’t have to move the acrylic tray every time I need to get something out of the basket.  I’m thinking of something super easy.  Basically 4 legs from 1x2’s and a top.
master bath vanity left side after
I also bought matching smaller baskets and used them to organize the baskets a little bit more to hold small things like hair clips. The baskets on top of the dresser holds hair curlers that I occasionally use.
(pictures of small baskets)

The only problem I didn’t plan for was not being able to hang my acrylic holder on the left door anymore.  The only place left to hang it was from my trash can on the right.  It works out ok but I have to get used to it being on the other side.  I use it to hold small things I need more frequently like a compact, eyeliner, and mascara.
master bath vanity makeup tray
I was planning to use the two drawer sliding baskets that were originally in my cabinet under my kitchen sink but they wouldn’t fit so I decided to use them to organize my husband’s side of the bathroom vanity.  He was fine with what he had but it bugged me because he basically just tossed everything underneath. 
master bath vanity right side before
I removed everything, found new homes for some things, got rid of some, wiped out the dust bunnies and organized the rest better.  I also added some of the smaller baskets from Big Lots and a larger one for cleaning supplies to keep any spills contained.
master bath vanity right side after
Here’s another quick view of the before and after
bathroom vanity left side before and after          bathroom vanity right side before and after

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