August 28, 2012

Lego ~ and other toy ~ Organization

My kids toys are getting out of control.  It’s way past time to get them under control.   Especially the little things . . . . legos, squinkies, polly pockets, etc.  I cannot believe how small these pieces are!!
I like the lego organization from I Heart Organizing to corral small pieces but I needed something that was going to use more vertical space.  Since we were passing through Atlanta on the way to vacation I decided to see what else they had.  I found this Billy Bookshelf that was the perfect size to tuck next to the loft bed I’m planning to make each kid.  It’s only 15 inches wide and about 6 ft tall. 
billy bookshelf

 I was thinking about using plastic shoe boxes for the storage since they’re clear and have a lid.  However, after browsing through Target I found these . . . .
mini clip boxsmall clip boxmedium clip boxlarge clip boxdeep clip box
mini                 small                    medium                   large                           deep
I liked them even better.  They’re also clear and have lids that are easy to remove but the bonus was that they had a variety of sizes that I can mix and match to fit perfectly on each shelf.  Now I just need to wait until they’re on sale and then get to organizing!

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