July 10, 2012

Laundry Room Organization

My laundry room transformation!  It doesn’t look much different at a quick glance but keep reading to see all angles and you’ll see why I’m so excited.
laundry room before after left wall

My laundry room has gone through many transformation.  Here are just a few of the phases:
before 1before 2before 4
before 3before 5
I finally decided I needed to get it under control once and for all.  I currently have one laundry basket dresser on the left wall and one on the right wall. There is a shelf above each that we use to hand wet clothes to dry. Along the back wall above the washer and dryer are three shelves for laundry stuff and items we (my husband) buy in bulk like paper towels.  I had two complaints.  First, I hated all the clutter along the back wall, and second, I hated how closed in the room was when we had wet clothes hanging to dry on both sides.  They cut 20” off each side of an already narrow room.  I had to walk past all the hanging clothes and laundry basket dressers to get to the washer and dryer on the back wall.  There was also no remaining floor space to set any other baskets or clothes.
laundry room before left walllaundry room before
I started with a drawing of what I had in mind.
laundry room blueprint
I decided to stack the laundry basket dressers on top of each other and place them on the left wall.  You know how they always say to use your vertical space. . . .   The right wall would be used for the two shelves where we hang we clothes to dry.  Along the back wall I really wanted to find a couple of cabinets so the clutter would be behind closed doors.  For a little interest I wanted shelves in between the cabinets.

Once I got working, however, I had a change of plans.  I decided to stack the laundry basket dressers but put them on the right wall instead.  My reasoning was to hide the mess from the kitchen since that door is on the right wall.  Once I did that I decided I loved the open space that was created.  The room looked twice as large (it’s actually an awkward, narrow space).  I couldn’t bear to put the shelves up on the left side so I decide to remove everything from the back wall and hang my shelves for wet clothes back there.  Since the two shelves from the side walls were too long I staggered them.  This gave me 6 ft of hanging space and I was able to keep both shelves for storage of bulk items.  I still needed to find a place for my laundry stuff like detergent.  I decided to hang some 20” sections of shelving to the left of the laundry basket dressers.  It worked out great.  The clutter is tucked around the corner and still easily accessible!
laundry room after left walllaundry room after
laundry room after right wall
I can’t believe how such a simple and inexpensive change (I only had to purchase a new header and two hanging brackets) made such a difference.  The room seems twice as large.  Here are some side by side comparisons.  2/3 of the floor space is now empty and the whole left wall is bare!  It’s so much more user friendly and organized.  The best tip I have it to just use your vertical space.
laundry room before after left wall
laundry room before after right wall
laundry room before after comparison
Now I just need to paint it all a fun color (someday) and add a fun quote or something on the blank wall.  I'm considering "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow".   Any other suggestions?


  1. I love the stacking!! Looks great!

  2. I love your plan drawing! A girl after my own heart. And it really worked for you, the room looks much larger.

  3. @Susan@Organized31

    Thanks! I'm a visual person. If I don't draw or plan it out it usually takes me a lot longer to get it right.

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