June 4, 2012

The tooth fairy will be visiting soon . . . .

My daughter is so excited.  It seems all of her friends have lost at least one tooth and she FINALLY has a loose one.  Unfortunately for me that means I need to get the tooth fairy surprises finished.

First on the list is the tooth fairy door.  This is just a dollhouse door that I painted white with a glittery pink door.  I don't have a picture of mine but here is another one I found on-line that was my inspiration.   I'm planning to either hang a little pouch inside the door with her tooth in it or let her put it in her Mizzou tooth pillow. 

Next I needed to get her tooth fairy bracelet finished.   It's basically a beaded bracelet with the larger beads set apart so that a pearl can be clipped on in between.  Each time she loses a tooth her fairy will change it into a pearl that she can add onto her bracelet for a total of 12 charms.   I was able to find most all of the beads and the fairy charm at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!!  Now I just need to come up with a cute letter or poem from the tooth fairy explaining this.

Finally, I need to sprinkle some glitter on the dollar bill that the tooth fairy will leave.  I know many people give much more than that but I decided the bracelet was expensive enough (even though I saved a ton making it myself) and for now, $1 will make her happy.  I can always bump it up when she gets older or as she loses bigger teeth.

I'll be ready for my son's first loose tooth as well.  I'm planning on making him a shark tooth necklace.  His fairy will change his teeth to shark teeth instead of pearls.  I already have the shark teeth from our last vacation to Myrtle Beach.

Any other cute traditions or ideas you can share?  I still have a couple more days before hers actually falls out . . . . 


  1. What does the inside of the book look like. I wanted to buy it for my daughter but it doesn't show the inside

  2. What does the inside of travel along with me book look like.

  3. Lynnel - I'm not sure what book you're referring to. This post is about the tooth fairy and a bracelet I made for my daughter. Not sure if you'll see this but you didn't leave me anyway to contact you.