June 7, 2012

Summer Fun!

In the past I’ve had tons of plans for things to do when my kids are out of school but I wasn’t organized enough.  Before I knew it summer was over and we didn’t do half of what we wanted to.  I decided that’s not going to happen again so I created these printables.  The first is a weekly schedule where we can write what we have planned for each day.  The second is a list of activities divided into 5 categories.  I’m offering them as a free printable so I’ve left them blank.  If you need inspiration you can check out the following boards I have on Pinterest:
Click on each picture to be taken to the download (minus the watermark)
weekly planner chart - blank
weekly planner chart activities - blank
I have two kids so I typed each on in the banner on top of the weekly chart.  I plan to put both of mine in a frame along with the activity list and use a wet erase marker to write on the glass each week.  I typed my activities in before I printed it and then I can cross each one as we complete it.  Enjoy!

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