June 12, 2012

Rain Painting

If you’re a follower of my blog you’re familiar with the summer weekly planner I created.  I designed them to keep us from wasting time this summer.  I always seem to have lots of plans but get lazy and miss out on a lot.  I framed mine and each Sunday my kids choose what they’d like to do for the week.  I offered them as a free printable.  Click on each photo to be taken to the download (minus the watermark)
weekly planner chart - blank
weekly planner chart activities - blank
Last Monday it was raining so my daughter chose rain painting as her craft.  Super easy and she had fun with it.  To try to contain the mess we flipped our rubber door mat upside down and placed two pieces of white cardstock on it.  Then my kids (I helped my son) dropped food coloring all round.  After they were satisfied we dragged the mat out in the rain and watched what happened.  We did learn not to let it get too wet as it turned muddy.  Our second try was better than the first.  My daughter has already turned hers into a Father’s Day card.
rain painting step 1rain parinting - step 2
Here are their finished results.  You can see what happens when left in the rain a little too long.
rain panting - masterpiece 1rain panting - masterpiece 2
I’m guessing you could do this with a squirt bottle filled with water if you didn’t want to wait for a rainy day.  You’d also have a little more control of the amount of water you added so they didn’t get too muddy.

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