June 24, 2012

Stair Makeover ~ Part 1

I have never tackled a project this big before but I figured what better way to learn than to try it?!?  My husband thinks I’m nuts but I LOVE DIY projects.  I decided that I was tired of the carpet on our stairs.  These are the first things you see when you enter my house.  The carpet was so dirty even shampooing wouldn’t get it clean anymore.  I decided that I wanted to convert them to hardwood.  I have to admit that I didn’t think this would be as difficult as it’s turning out.  The first five steps are wider and the carpet only ran up the middle.  Since I could see several inches on either side I knew what the wood underneath would look like (or so I thought).  I was a little more concerned about the steps further up that were completely covered by carpet . . . . but not enough to cancel my project.Smile
Here’s what the stairs looked like when I started.
stairs beforeI started by pulling up the old carpet.  Not too tough.  However, once I pulled up the first step I ran into problem number 1.  When the contractors installed the steps they only stained far enough in until where the carpet started.  Oh well, I was already in this far so I kept going.  I pulled up a few more steps and flipped the carpet up.  The backside was so gross!!  Definitely kept me motivated to remove the rest of it.  This was about the point where I snapped a quick picture and e-mailed it to my husband at work.  Luckily, he was distracted by the gross carpet and didn’t think to ask me what I was doing. . . .
carpet removal 1carpet pad removal

June 12, 2012

Rain Painting

If you’re a follower of my blog you’re familiar with the summer weekly planner I created.  I designed them to keep us from wasting time this summer.  I always seem to have lots of plans but get lazy and miss out on a lot.  I framed mine and each Sunday my kids choose what they’d like to do for the week.  I offered them as a free printable.  Click on each photo to be taken to the download (minus the watermark)
weekly planner chart - blank
weekly planner chart activities - blank
Last Monday it was raining so my daughter chose rain painting as her craft.  Super easy and she had fun with it.  To try to contain the mess we flipped our rubber door mat upside down and placed two pieces of white cardstock on it.  Then my kids (I helped my son) dropped food coloring all round.  After they were satisfied we dragged the mat out in the rain and watched what happened.  We did learn not to let it get too wet as it turned muddy.  Our second try was better than the first.  My daughter has already turned hers into a Father’s Day card.
rain painting step 1rain parinting - step 2
Here are their finished results.  You can see what happens when left in the rain a little too long.
rain panting - masterpiece 1rain panting - masterpiece 2
I’m guessing you could do this with a squirt bottle filled with water if you didn’t want to wait for a rainy day.  You’d also have a little more control of the amount of water you added so they didn’t get too muddy.

June 7, 2012

Summer Fun!

In the past I’ve had tons of plans for things to do when my kids are out of school but I wasn’t organized enough.  Before I knew it summer was over and we didn’t do half of what we wanted to.  I decided that’s not going to happen again so I created these printables.  The first is a weekly schedule where we can write what we have planned for each day.  The second is a list of activities divided into 5 categories.  I’m offering them as a free printable so I’ve left them blank.  If you need inspiration you can check out the following boards I have on Pinterest:
Click on each picture to be taken to the download (minus the watermark)
weekly planner chart - blank
weekly planner chart activities - blank
I have two kids so I typed each on in the banner on top of the weekly chart.  I plan to put both of mine in a frame along with the activity list and use a wet erase marker to write on the glass each week.  I typed my activities in before I printed it and then I can cross each one as we complete it.  Enjoy!

June 5, 2012

Coupon & Grocery List Clipboard!

coupon clipboard organizer front and back
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this months ago.  I have tried so many coupon organizers and I just haven’t found one that works for me.  I love this one!!  It was super simple to make.  I sewed a pocket organizer for the back to hold coupons and I can still clip my grocery list or any other papers or lists on the front.  I don’t have an actual tutorial with pictures but I can give you the steps and I bet you can create your own.
  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric about the size of your clipboard
  2. Place right sides together and sew around edges, leaving a small opening for turning.
  3. Turn inside out, sew opening closed, top stitch around all 4 edges.
  4. Cut 4 strips of clear plastic (the kind used for table cloth coverings).  I made mine approximately 8 1/4” x 2 1/4”
  5. Sew them onto the fabric rectangle you just created.  To help your foot glide along the plastic cover it with a piece of scotch tape (otherwise you’ll need a teflon foot)
  6. I ran a stitch down the first three strips to divide them into 6 smaller pockets.  I left the last one the full length since I sometimes have larger coupons like Bed, Bath & Beyond
  7. Insert grommets into the 4 corners
  8. Spray front and back of your clipboard (I made mine black since my fabric was pink and black ~ I covered the clip with painters tape so it remained silver)
  9. Spay a clear coat on front and back of your clipboard.
  10. Place your fabric organizer on the back and mark the 4 holes, then drill them out.
  11. Tie the fabric organizer onto the back using ribbon
FRONT                       BACK
coupon clipboard organizer 1coupon clipboard organizer 2
Let me know if any steps are confusing and I’ll do my best to add more details.

June 4, 2012

The tooth fairy will be visiting soon . . . .

My daughter is so excited.  It seems all of her friends have lost at least one tooth and she FINALLY has a loose one.  Unfortunately for me that means I need to get the tooth fairy surprises finished.

First on the list is the tooth fairy door.  This is just a dollhouse door that I painted white with a glittery pink door.  I don't have a picture of mine but here is another one I found on-line that was my inspiration.   I'm planning to either hang a little pouch inside the door with her tooth in it or let her put it in her Mizzou tooth pillow. 

Next I needed to get her tooth fairy bracelet finished.   It's basically a beaded bracelet with the larger beads set apart so that a pearl can be clipped on in between.  Each time she loses a tooth her fairy will change it into a pearl that she can add onto her bracelet for a total of 12 charms.   I was able to find most all of the beads and the fairy charm at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!!  Now I just need to come up with a cute letter or poem from the tooth fairy explaining this.

Finally, I need to sprinkle some glitter on the dollar bill that the tooth fairy will leave.  I know many people give much more than that but I decided the bracelet was expensive enough (even though I saved a ton making it myself) and for now, $1 will make her happy.  I can always bump it up when she gets older or as she loses bigger teeth.

I'll be ready for my son's first loose tooth as well.  I'm planning on making him a shark tooth necklace.  His fairy will change his teeth to shark teeth instead of pearls.  I already have the shark teeth from our last vacation to Myrtle Beach.

Any other cute traditions or ideas you can share?  I still have a couple more days before hers actually falls out . . . .