May 15, 2012

School's out for the summer!!

Well, not yet exactly.  My kids have less than two weeks to go though so I need to get their gifts ready for their teachers.  Both of my kids were blessed with great teachers this year and my daughter's bus drivers were awesome.

The year started out a little rough for us when my daughter was lost.  Her teacher mistakenly put her on the wrong bus.  She was quickly found on another bus and driven home.  Her regular bus driver stayed with me calling to other buses until she was found.  It felt like forever but really only took minutes.  However, her teacher did feel horrible and the rest of the year went great!  Her bus drivers were so nice.  She's in afternoon kindergarten so she had one bus taking her to school and a different one bringing her home.  Both drivers had treats for her throughout the year . . . . bubbles, a sucker, a bag monogrammed with her name at Christmas, etc.  We decided we wanted to get them a little treat for the end of the year as well as her teachers.  We settled on these jars from Hobby Lobby that we filled with Hershey Kisses.  We decorated the jar and the kisses using these free printables

For their teachers we filled a different style jar with Hershey Kisses using the same printables to decorate the jars.
I also personalized some hand sanitizer bottles.  Since my daughter is older and LOVES drawing I had her draw a picture, write "thanks" and sign her name.  I used this free printable for the frame that she drew her picture on.  For my sons I used this free printable.

I also included a post it note stand.  This was made from a clear acrylic photo holder that I laid flat instead of standing it up.  I just slipped a piece of scrapbook paper into the frame and then cut out a matching tag and tied it on with ribbon.  We also made a coordinated pen that I saw here.

I was going to put everything into a gift bag so it would be easy for my kids to take to school but I decided to browse around my dollar store to see if I could find something that they would get more use out of.  I found these baskets that were the perfect size and were cheaper than a gift bag  ($1/2).  We needed three.  My son chose blue and my daughter chose green.  I know the post it note holders don't match the rest but I wanted to find scrapbook paper that would coordinate with the yellow note pads since that's what most teachers use.

 I think they turned out great and my kids can't wait to deliver them!!

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