April 7, 2012

~Happy Easter~

I'm actually a little ahead this year.  I just finished putting my kids baskets together.  I try not to fill them up with too much candy . . . . they get enough of that from my sister and two sets of grandparents.  Instead I try to find games, books and other fun things.  I also like to repackage everything.  It looks so much better and takes up so much less space.  

Here's what their baskets would look like if I just threw the packages in there "as is"
 Looks so much better repackaged . . . . {before on the left~after on the right}
It's amazing what a simple bag, a little easter grass, and a free printable bag topper can do.

a bunny jacks game . . . .
 bubbles . . . .
I also included a fun new divided easter plate, a suction cup basketball hoop, some bendable bunnies, a hershey bar with a fun wrapper, smartees in fun plastic easter tubes, a book, some gardening gloves, a wind up bunny, and a helicoptor spin toy.  

Most of the printables were found on-line for free.  I also added a tag on the front of each basket with a small clothespin.  I'm thinking about adding their names in vinyl once all the easter stuff is removed so they can use them for storage.

And no basket is complete without an easter bunny!

So much cuter . . . . and also saves a ton of time and mess when they start tearing through them.  Now I just need to decide if I'm going to use one of the scavenger hunts for easter baskets on pinterest . . . .

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