February 18, 2012

T-Shirt Makeover

 My daughter loves this shirt
She loves everything about it.  The color, the sparkle, the fact that it says princess . . . . 

However, she got grape juice on the sleeve and I refused to let her wear it with a stain.  
She has recently been wearing a lot of her t-shirts with a long sleeved shirt underneath which gave me the idea to cut this off into a short sleeved shirt that she could wear year round until she outgrows the length.  
To get the sleeve length right I took one of her other t-shirts and used it as a pattern.  I laid it on top of the one I wanted to cut off and then cut them about a half inch longer to allow for the seam.  Then I just turned them up twice and sewed a hem.

Of course, I couldn't let the sleeves go to waste. 
 I cut them up the seam so I had two rectangles, cut off the stained part, sewed them together into a longer piece, folded the long sides together, and sewed it into a tube.  Then I turned it right side out.  I centered the seam in the middle and sewed a small stitch down each edge to hold it in place.  I wasn't happy with the seam so I took the remaining pieces from the sleeves, sewed them together into one long strip and tied it into a bow.  Since the sleeves had a hemmed edge I was able to use that for the end of the bows so I didn't have to hem them (although it probably won't fray since this is a knit material).

 Then I hemmed the ends and sewed it all into a loop with a piece of elastic in between.
 Now she has her favorite t-shirt back . . . . and a matching headband.
 While I was in a sewing mood I made two more headbands.
Both pieces of material are from a christmas package that held a barbie doll.  It was a clear plastic package that had the faux fur and velvet ribbon {with the bow already tied} around the top.  I just ripped it off the package.  I cut the fur in half and added a piece of elastic.  The ribbon was already cut.  I just had to add the elastic.  

Three new headbands and an {almost} new t-shirt for $0.  My husband was thrilled  :)



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