February 6, 2012

Family Photo Wall

I think I'm finally happy with my photo wall.  This is a wall in my dining room that you can see from the front door and the family room.  It used to be blank.

Then it looked like this . . . .

I lived with it for a while but I wasn't really happy with it.  It just looked too cluttered.

After looking around pinterest for a while I decided to build my own photo ledge.  I have some smaller shelves in my family room around my fireplace and I like the convenience of just setting them on the shelf and not having a bunch of holes in the wall from nails.  It's so easy to switch them out or move them around.  I used Ana White's plans.  So easy.  Just needed to nail together two 1x3 boards and a 1x2 board.  Then I painted it and screwed it into the studs through the back board.  It looks so much neater.  I did hang my small sign with a quote I love above the pictures.

 Still thinking about adding a vinyl quote below the shelf. . . .

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