January 27, 2012

DIY Balance Bike

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I've been seeing these bikes all over the internet but didn't want to pay the $65 - $300 dollar prices.  After looking at one on Zulily it hit me that I could make my own.  My son had a bike that we had gotten for about $3 at a garage sale and he rode it until the seat broke.  He got a newer one from my sister before we could replace the seat so he kind of forgot about it.  I decided I had nothing to lose since it didn't have a seat anyway so I thought I'd try to dismantle it.

The first thing I did was remove the chain guard.  This was super easy as I only had to remove a couple of screws and then slip it off over the pedal.
Then I removed both pedals.
Once the pedals were off there was a plastic cap that I had to pull off.  Underneath was a pin that held the rest of the pedal parts on.  I had to pull this pin out.  It was a little tough as it was rusted but a few taps with a screwdriver and hammer and it slid right out.

Then it basically all fell apart.  There were a few more plastic pieces and some metal washers that came off and the bar that held the pedals on slid right out.
 Next, i took the training wheels and back wheel off so I could get the chain loose.
Then I had to look for the little pin that was holding the chain together since it was between welded pieces and I couldn't remove it without separating it.  It's hard to see it in this picture but it's the link sitting on top of the bar on the right.  The next picture shows it better.
This picture shows the small link right before I pulled it off and then the chain opened up so I could pull it out.
Since it worked and my kids wanted to test it out I took the seat off his other bike until we can buy a new one for this bike
Yes, we live in the midwest and it's freezing but they still wanted to test it.  This is a super tiny bike but it's still a little too big for my son.  He's on his tippy toes.  Since I can't lower the seat anymore I'm hoping he'll grow enough by next summer.
It fit my daughter better and was maybe even a little too small . . . . although that won't be a problem by next summer as we can raise the seat.
Only about 3 more months until it will be warm enough for them to really try it out!!

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