January 27, 2012

DIY Balance Bike

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I've been seeing these bikes all over the internet but didn't want to pay the $65 - $300 dollar prices.  After looking at one on Zulily it hit me that I could make my own.  My son had a bike that we had gotten for about $3 at a garage sale and he rode it until the seat broke.  He got a newer one from my sister before we could replace the seat so he kind of forgot about it.  I decided I had nothing to lose since it didn't have a seat anyway so I thought I'd try to dismantle it.

The first thing I did was remove the chain guard.  This was super easy as I only had to remove a couple of screws and then slip it off over the pedal.
Then I removed both pedals.
Once the pedals were off there was a plastic cap that I had to pull off.  Underneath was a pin that held the rest of the pedal parts on.  I had to pull this pin out.  It was a little tough as it was rusted but a few taps with a screwdriver and hammer and it slid right out.

Then it basically all fell apart.  There were a few more plastic pieces and some metal washers that came off and the bar that held the pedals on slid right out.
 Next, i took the training wheels and back wheel off so I could get the chain loose.
Then I had to look for the little pin that was holding the chain together since it was between welded pieces and I couldn't remove it without separating it.  It's hard to see it in this picture but it's the link sitting on top of the bar on the right.  The next picture shows it better.
This picture shows the small link right before I pulled it off and then the chain opened up so I could pull it out.
Since it worked and my kids wanted to test it out I took the seat off his other bike until we can buy a new one for this bike
Yes, we live in the midwest and it's freezing but they still wanted to test it.  This is a super tiny bike but it's still a little too big for my son.  He's on his tippy toes.  Since I can't lower the seat anymore I'm hoping he'll grow enough by next summer.
It fit my daughter better and was maybe even a little too small . . . . although that won't be a problem by next summer as we can raise the seat.
Only about 3 more months until it will be warm enough for them to really try it out!!

January 25, 2012

New Years {Resolution}

I don't usually make New Years Resolutions because I never seem to keep them, however, this year I am determined to get in shape.

A friend and I have been going to the gym fairly regularly but we seem to waste a lot of time talking, deciding whether to run on the treadmill or elliptical, which strength exercises to do, etc.  I decided to create some cards to help focus our workouts.  I collected tons of exercises for various body parts and then compiled them onto cards which I cut out, laminated, and clipped on a ring.
There are exercises for abs, back, bicep, chest, calf, hams & glutes, quads, hips & thighs, shoulders, triceps,  and love handles . . . .  15 cards in total.  You can choose which body part to work and which exercises to do.  Some exercises are self-explanatory.  Others have a short description.

These will be in my shop for $4

I'm hoping to add some for beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines for the treadmill and elliptical.

Disclaimer:   Fitness requirements and safety are subjective and mine may differ from yours.  Please use your own judgment as to the difficulty and your ability to safely protest yourself from any risks and dangers.  I'm not responsible for any injuries you may incur.

January 21, 2012

Starbuck Coffee Spice Jars

So, I've been asking begging everyone I know for their empty glass Starbuck bottles.  I finally found someone who gave me 12 of them.

I desperately needed to organize my spices and I came across this idea on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, we buy many of our spices in bulk so not all of them would fit in these bottles.  However, I did have a similar shaped bottle, just larger, that my tomato puree comes in.

I started by washing them all out and removing the labels.  I didn't have the patience for glass etching so I chose to use my cricut.  I made matching labels out of white vinyl.  I also spray painted the caps white.

Parsley is one of the bulk spices so it went into a larger bottle. . . .
These are some of the smaller ones which went into the starbuck coffee bottles
My sister liked them so much that she had me cut her some letters out of silver vinyl and she sprayed her caps silver.

I do have some spices that we buy in small quantities so I'm saving the smaller jars they come in if they're glass and adding labels to them so they all match.  The only problem with those is the lids are usually plastic so I can't paint them white.

Now, I just need a few more of the larger bottles for my cocoa, hot chocolate, garlic salt, and sea salt.

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(¸.·´   Denise

January 16, 2012

A Desk Built for Two

It's been a while since I posted.  The holidays were so busy and I've been spending a ton of time on my next project.  This post is just a small part of it.

My kids have a corner in my craft room where they can create.  It consisted of a small table with one chair, their computer, some freestanding drawers, and a vertical grid with pails to hold their supplies.  I got the table, chair, and grid off freecycle but they really weren't working out the way I had envisioned.  Everything was just too cluttered and the workspace was too small.

I started by clearing the space and freecycling the table, chair, and grid onto someone else. Then I created a blueprint for the desk I wanted to build.  I was inspired from this one I pinned a while ago.   Here is the drawing I came up with.  I did end up leaving one shelf out so that I could make it short enough to place under a window.
I used some more boards I had leftover from some bookshelves I got off freecycle.  You may recognize them from these other projects . . . .

Laundry Basket Dressers
Cubby Bench
I did have to purchase a few supplies for this desk.  I used the 1x12s from the bookshelves and purchased 2x2s for the legs and a small sheet of plywood for the desktop.  Building this was similar to the laundry basket dressers.  I created the box frame and then added the shelves and cubbies.  I glued all edges and then used finishing nails to hold it all together.
I also nailed a couple supports inside for the desktop.  Then I primed and painted it all out.

There's a side for my son . . . .
  . . . . and a side for my daughter . . . .
 Perfect for both . . . .

I left a fairly large opening in the middle because I'm planning to put their computer in there.  My husband got a large flatscreen from work a while ago to use with their desktop computer.  I can also move the desktop up as they grow.  To protect the desktop from all their "projects" I had a piece of plexi-glass cut to fit.

I found these great baskets at Target dollar spot.  I love them because they're white, they fit the cubbies, and my kids can see what's in each.
 They also fit perfectly on the shelf under the desktop The slot in the middle is for their scrap paper. 
I have one more project in mind for the remaining boards from my old bookshelves so stay tuned . . . .

My desk was featured on Get Outta My Head {Please}
you are talking too much

And at Roadkill Rescue

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January 2, 2012

Getting Organized 2012

For those of you who are looking for something to motivate you this year, or you are like me and need lists, here you go!

Last year I followed the get organized challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons, but this year I'm going a much easier, less time consuming way! CLICK HERE for Clean Mama's free printable calendar and tips and tricks for better cleaning.

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Good Luck, and I hope you get as much done as I know you can!

Talk to you soon,