December 21, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Whew . . . . Got these made just in time.  I seem to be playing catch up this month.  My kids needed 5 teacher gifts (3 teachers and 2 bus drivers - my daughter has awesome drivers this year!!)  In order not to spend a fortune (and because I enjoy it) I made some of the gifts.

My mom had purchased these gloves with little snowmen sewn on.  I used them to make my own pattern and sewed a pair for each person.  (One bus driver is a man so the gloves will be for his wife.  She actually monogrammed my daughters name on a book bag so I thought it would be nice to include something for her.)

I noticed after I had them all wrapped up that I forgot the eyes so I opened them back up and drew on two eyes with a sharpie (two small dots)

I also made more of the snowman wrapped Hershey bars.  You can see the full tutorial here. I just used some leftover fleece that I got from freecycle. I borrowed the idea for the bag topper for the gloves from here.
I put all this in a snowflake pail I got from Target along with a Target gift card.  I know everyone usually gets Starbucks or Bread Company gift cards but I'm sure there are people, myself included, who don't frequent those places but I figure everyone can find something at Target. 

And what Christmas gift is complete without some homemade cookies. My daughter helped make these and I had the tray leftover from previous years.
Other than the time it took to make and put everything together this was a very inexpensive gift.  It was around $12 for each person (not bad considering the Target gift card was $10).

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