December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

As if I don't have enough to do this month my daughter decided she wanted to make her daddy something for his birthday on Sunday.  He's a big Mizzou fan and last Christmas she helped me sew him a fleece Mizzou scarf (she actually sat on my lap and helped hold the fabric as I sewed).  For his birthday we settled on a tied fleece blanket.  I thought this was something he would use and something that she would actually be able to help make (she's only 5 1/2). 

We started with 2 yards of black fleece and 2 yards of Mizzou fleece.  

After we had them lined up and all sides square, we cut slits about every inch or so.  I really just eyeballed them.  I also made them the length of my scissor blades so that I wouldn't have to measure.  They ended up being about 4 inches long.  I also cut a 4"x4" square off each corner.  As I was cutting my daughter started tying.  We managed to get around all 4 sides in about an hour.

I'm so happy that we actually finished a project from beginning to end - ahead of schedule.  
My son who is only three wasn't able to help making the blanket but he has a plan.  When we were talking about my husband's birthday the other day he thought about it for a while and decided that since his daddy likes to play balloons with him he would buy him a balloon.  He picked out a Spiderman Punch balloon.  He is so excited to give it to him.

Now I can start on my Christmas projects. . . . 
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´   Denise

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