November 16, 2011

Shaker Pegs - Take 2

In my last post, my laundry room makeover, I said that I had another idea to use up some of the shaker pegs I bought.  Well, here it is.

I love decorating my mantle but I hate hanging things using tacks under the top ledge.  I decided to add some shaker pegs.  It started out looking like this . . . . 
 Pretty average.  One thing I did was to get rid of the stand for my fireplace tools.  Then I sprayed my ugly brass tools black (I actually did this a few years ago and they've held up great!).  I hung cup hooks on each side and hung two tools on each end.  To protect the white wood I tacked up some clear vinyl on the bottom half.  You can see the tacks in the picture..
Since I had already practiced drilling holes for the shaker pegs in my laundry/mud room makeover I just jumped right in. 

(My husband had to leave the room for this step - he really didn't want me drilling into the wood mantle).   After I measured and marked the placement for the pegs (I actually marked them and then looked at them for a few days, and then changed the marks and looked at them for a few days, etc.  I finally just made a choice and went for it - after all it's a painted wood mantle - If I don't like them I can just fill in the holes, paint and start over)  I marked my drill bit with a tape flag so I knew when to stop drilling and then drilled each hole.

Then I put each peg in place, covered them with a small cloth, and lightly tapped them into place with a  hammer.
 All that was left was a coat of primer and a new glossy coat of white for the whole mantle. 
Just in time to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´   Denise

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