November 13, 2011

Laundry Room/Mud Room Organization

I think I can safely say that I have a love hate relationship with my laundry room/mud room.  I love that I have a first floor laundry room since it was in the basement in my last house.  However, I hate the size and shape of it.  The garage door is across from the kitchen door and near one wall.  That leaves me this long blank wall that only has a few inches clearance.  When we moved in the first thing we did was remove the door into the kitchen so that we could hang coats and things on the wall.  I tried to add some peg shelves and other things to organize but there was always so much space wasted and it was hard to walk through since things stuck out too far.  I started off with a small cubby bench a peg rail shelf and a few cloth pouches.  It was NOT working.
On another wall I had a bench that I got for free that I used to hold some laundry baskets.  Not working either.
The first thing I did was get rid of the bench holding the baskets.  Then I moved the cubby bench to that wall to free up the walkspace between the garage and kitchen
 Better but still not great.  I was tired of the backpacks on the back of the garage door because then the door only opened part of the way.  There was also a lot of wasted space on the left wall and not enough hooks for coats, jackets, backpacks, etc.

My next step was to build some laundry basket dressers using plans from Ana White. 
I built two of these and replaced the cubby bench with one and put one on the wall across from it.  You can see the full tutorial here.  Getting better! 

I've had this pinned on my organization board for a while now. I loved that it had a very shallow profile but had tons of storage space.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any premade peg rail at my local hardware store and it was too expensive to purchase online.  Instead I bought some 1x4 boards from Lowe's and a bunch of shaker pegs online for about $0.10 each (I got them short enough that they won't hit the door when it's open).  I was a little nervous to drill the holes but it turned out to be pretty easy.  I started by marking off the board every 6 inches where I wanted the pegs.

 Then, since I was a little nervous to drill the holes for the pegs I practiced on a left over piece (it was an 8 ft board and I only needed 7 ft).  It actually turned out to be pretty simple.  I put a tape "flag" on my drill bit that was the same length as the peg so I know when I was at the correct depth and could stop drilling.

 I did a test fit halfway through.  I loved how it was turning out.
 I finished drilling all the holes and then my son helped me glue the pegs in.  After a primer coat and a coat of white paint I was ready to install them.
 I just drilled through the front into studs and then put caps in to cover the screw heads.  I love the extra storage space I have.  I also added a couple of boards vertically.  I drilled out holes and then hung them over some of the pegs.  I used these to hang the fabric pouches.  This actually served two purposes.  In addition to providing storage space for gloves, hats, scarves, etc. it divides the area in half which gives a defined area for each person.
So much more functional.  There is a ton of room to hang everything but it doesn't stick out too far into the room.  I'm even thinking of putting the door back on so that I can close it off from the kitchen.  

Stay tuned for another project with more shaker pegs.  Since they were so cheap and the shipping didn't change I ordered a bunch of extras.

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(¸.·´   Denise

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