September 27, 2011

Photo Coasters {Part 2} - Creating a Display Stand

My craft group just finished our Sept craft which was photo coasters.  Go here for the tutorial.  I decided I needed a stand to hold them. 

This was a really quick and simple craft.  I just took a 1x2 and cut 7 pieces that were 3 1/2 inches long (my coasters are 4 in squares).  I split two of the pieces in half and then glued them together, alternating the sizes.

Since my coasters had a chocolate brown frame I decided to spray this the same color
And here is the finished result
I also plan to add felt feet to the bottom but that requires a run to the store so it will have to wait.

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September 24, 2011

Photo Coasters Tutorial

I recently joined a craft group with some friends and we meet once a month at each other's homes.  The host chooses a craft and we divide the cost between all of us.  In the past we've made "Mom, I'm bored" jars, wristlet keychains, and a perpetual calendar from 4x4 blocks.  This month we made photo coasters.  

I started by choosing and editing my photos in gimp (a free photo editing program similar to Photoshop). I added a feather border and a quote.  I found most of the quotes on-line (some of my favorites are Dr. Seuss).

We bought 4 4x4 inch tiles for the coasters and one 6x6 inch tile for a hot plate.  I had an extra coaster that I wanted to redo so I actually had 5.  The steps are pretty easy.  Modpodge the tile and place the photo on top.  Smooth out bumps and let it dry.  Then add three coats of Modpodge on top letting each coat dry in between.  It will be cloudy but will dry completely clear.

Once the third coat was dry we sprayed them all with a clear acrylic.  Be sure to let them dry for 48 hours before using.  

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September 15, 2011

Coffee Table Makeover

A few years ago my sister gave me her old pine coffee table that she was tossing out.  The top was badly damaged with tons of nicks and dents.  I sanded it and painted it all out in white.  Then I taped off the top and added some red stripes to match my family room and painted the middle with chalkboard paint.  This served us well for several years, however, I was ready for a change.  My kids didn't use the chalkboard part anymore and I was tired of touching up the edges where the white paint kept getting chipped off.

My inspiration was this table from pottery barn. I love the dark top against the white base.
 My first step was to sand off all the paint from the top.  

And then sand some more . . . . I used a ton of sandpaper and made a huge mess in my front yard.  

Once I had all the paint off the table was actually in great shape.  The sanding also got rid of all the nicks and scratches. 
It looks so much better in my family room.  It even matches a little chair that my kids sit in at the table.

This coffee table makeover was featured on Knock Off Decor

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Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

I've seen these all over blogland and decided I had to make some.  I've been using the foaming soap dispensers from Bath and Body but I wanted something a little prettier.  A nice person from freecycle was kind enough to share 6 mason jars with me and then I purchased a pump from Hobby Lobby in the soap making aisle. 
I started by having my husband drill a hole in the lid of the jar while I cut off the top of the bottle (the plastic neck part that has the threads for the pump).  I have to admit that I tried to drill the hole by myself first and didn't clamp it down.  Needless to say I ruined the lid.  However, i was able to use the jar in my bathroom.  I just screwed the ring back on . . . . minus the lid . . . . and stored my toothbrush and toothpaste on it.  Perfect solution for my mistake.  Once the hole was cut I sandwiched the lid from the mason jar in between the neck of the bottle I cut off and the pump and screwed them together.  Then screwed the whole thing onto the jar using the ring (after I added some homemade hand soap).  
So much prettier sitting on my kitchen counter.  Now I just need to get the ones for my bathrooms made.

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September 14, 2011

Trash to Treasure

I have needed something in the front hallway to store my kids cast off shoes, coats, hats, etc for months.  A few months ago I hung some hooks and added their names in vinyl above . . . . but that still didn't help the shoe problem.  Unfortunately I only have a small 27 inch wall to work with.  I couldn't find anything I liked to fit there so I decided I needed to build my first project using Ana White's plans.  I chose this cubby bench.   Since my space was so small I did need to modify her measurements and only included 2 cubbies.  At the last minute I also chose to add a shelf above for misc things (my daughter has already decided she can stash her tinkerbell umbrella there).

I started with a pile of pine 1x12s that I got from freecycle.  They started off as a very rickety bookshelf. 
My husband took it apart and then a friend and I cut all the boards, sanded them and started assembling the bench.
After a new coat of white paint it looked like this . . . .
And here it is in it's new home.
I love it!
Each kid has a bin for their shoes and two hooks above for jackets and hats.  
I'm thrilled with how easy it was to build and am I'm ready to start my next project.  Since I still have more 1x12s left from the bookshelves I'm planning to make some laundry basket dressers.  

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