August 2, 2011

Car Organization

I have to confess . . . . my car is a disaster.  I try to organize it.  I really do.  For example each of my kids have a basket on the floor under their feet.  It holds their travel binders, games, activities, etc.  I used to have a container in a cup holder in the middle of the front that looked like a large cup to hold sunglasses and other misc stuff.  It never really worked though as it was a dumping ground for everything and it took up a cup holder that we needed to use for drinks sometimes.  I also had a plastic bag that hung from the gear shift to hold trash.  Not pretty and not completely functional.  That's why I couldn't wait to make these . . . .

There are several tutorials on-line and on Pinterest.  Just google "car trash bag".  Some hang on the back of the car seat.  This wasn't practical for me as my kids DVD players are there and I wouldn't be able to reach it.  This one was perfect.  It stayed open and I can clip it onto my air vents.  I didn't follow her tutorial exactly as I wanted mine to be washable and I didn't wanted to listen to the brass ring banging in the washer or dryer.  Here are the steps I used.  

Start with two pieces of coordinated fabric 18" by 7"-8".  One will be a liner  My width varied depending on what scraps I had left.  I turned under the short sides twice on both pieces and sewed a hem.  Then I folded them in half (right sides together) and sewed down both sides on each piece.
Next I turned one right side out and tucked it inside the other one so right sides were together.  I marked the center and put in pins to mark a 1" section on the front and back.  I sewed near the edge around the top being sure not to sew the inch in between each set of pins.
I used one of the two "gaps" to flip it inside out. 
You can tuck either one inside but since I wanted the orange polka dot on the right to be my lining I tucked it inside the striped fabric on the left.  I took an 8" piece of ribbon, heat sealed the edges, and placed on end inside the gap where I wanted to be the back of my bag to be.

Then I stitched around the bag being sure not to stitch over the gap on the front but I did stitch over the gap at the back to attach the ribbon which will become my hanger.  I also stitched another line completely around the bag about 1/2" below the top edge.  This will form the pocket for the ring that will hold it open.

I purchased a 4 pack of brass rings from Hobby Lobby and cut them where they were soldered together.  I did need to file the edges so they weren't sharp.  I used the "gap" in the front to feed the ring through.  I left the gap open intentionally as this will allow me to remove the ring for washing.  

I finished it by adding a badge clip to the ribbon and a snap so that I can remove it for washing as well.  (This is not shown in the picture as I'm out of snaps and it's too late to run to the store)
This was such a super easy project that I ended up making three more.  I intend to use one for trash and one for all our pairs of sunglasses (between the four of us I think we have about 10 pairs - 7 of which are my daughters!!)  The pink heart one is hers and the baseball one is for my son.  I'm planning to let them use them as trash cans in the back seat so they don't have to keep handing everything to me.  I made their straps different as well since they don't have a vent to clip to.  I just sewed the ribbon on in a loop so they can hook it over the door lock.  The strap on the green one is different as well.  Since I didn't have any matching ribbon I just sewed a tube from another scrap of fabric.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

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(¸.·´   Denise

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