July 8, 2011

It's a Girl!!

No . . . . . I'm not having another baby (although I would if I could talk my husband into it - but that's another story).  I'm headed to a baby shower tomorrow for the daughter of a good friend so I thought I'd share the gift I'm taking.  My main gift is a diaper bag but I also had to make a few personalized, handmade items.  I tried to stay away from pink . . . . even though she is having a girl she prefers yellow or green to pink. . . .

The invitation requested everyone to bring their favorite book to start the baby's library.  I saw this idea here.  You buy the Dr. Seuss Book "Oh, the Places You'll Go . . . " when your child starts kindergarten and at the end of each school year you sneak the book into the teacher and have them write a note in it and sign their name.  Then you can give it to them at their graduation I made a matching tag for mine. . . .

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Here is a close up of the tag I created . . .
Go here for a printable tag you can use on your book (it's slightly different from the version above)

If you want to purchase the book on Amazon you can click on the picture below

For the second handmade gift I wanted to make some onesie stickers.  For those of you who don't know, these are stickers with each month, 1-12 on them.  They're printed on a sticker sheet.  Each time your baby turns "x" months old you place the matching sticker on a onesie and take her picture.  I also made a coordinating tag and envelope for these. . . . . You can easily create these in word or purchase them online or through etsy.  There are a ton of them.

For the last gift I decided to get something practical.  Instead of another outfit that the baby will hardly have time to wear I chose to get baby shampoo and lotion.  I pulled off all the labels and created my own in word.  I found a cute basket at Hobby Lobby for 80% off.  The only downside was that it was brown and not very baby.  I decided that for $4 I could make it work.  I just made the labels all have some brown accents.  I plan to put them in the basket with some yellow, blue, pink, and lavendar tissue paper.  Unfortunately, the labels weren't dry when I posted this and then I forgot to take a picture of it all wrapped up.

Another great baby shower idea is a diaper cake.  You can find some cute ones here.  My favorite is the "Guess How Much I Love You" one.  You can even buy a kit and build your own!

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  1. that Dr. Seuss book idea is FABULOUS! thanks so much for sharing it. Adding it to my "go-to" baby gift, a handmade taggie.

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love it as a shower gift too!

    We are going to be featuring it tomorrow at Over the Big Moon!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa http://overthebigmoon.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank you so much for your Oh, The Places You Will Go idea. I read this to my son every day while he was in the NICU and we still read it all the time. I will FOR SURE be doing this. Thank you!!

  4. I absolutely love the Dr. Seuss book idea! Can I ask how you made the gift tag for it?

  5. Tara,

    Not sure if you'll see this or not but you didn't leave me a way to contact you. I created the tag by copying a picture of the book into a text box in Word and then put another text box on top of it with my comment. Let me know if you need more detailed directions.


  6. What an adorable idea with the Dr. Seuss book. I have a second grader and Kindergartener and although the eldest was given the book when she was a baby, I might get another for the youngest and a different one for the older girl - really cute!

  7. Saw the book idea on Pinterest. It will be a perfect gift for a baby shower I'm attending soon. I know the mom will love it!

    The Onesie idea is cute too. I just might borrow both of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Love the book idea. I have the book and have read it a few times to my kids but as I have a Kindergartner right now and a preschooler, I am going to do this! Ordered another copy of the book on Amazon today and will take it with me to parent teacher conference on Friday (as a working mom who is herself a teacher, its super hard for me to get in so I am going to take advantage of this scheduled visit)

    Thanks for such an awesome idea!

  9. Love, Love, Love this idea! Too bad I didn't see this last week. My kindergartner just has his last day of school! lol Oh well, it's never too late to start.

  10. Thanks Michelle. I actually started my daughter's late as well and had to go back and get her preschool teachers.

  11. I did this for my 5th grader as he left his elementary school this week. It took almost 6 weeks to run around and get the 18 signatures that were all his teachers, the office staff and the administration. It was super touching to share it with all of them and he loved reading their parting words to him. I'm sure it will hold a cherished place on his bookshelf for many years. Thank you so much for the idea!!

  12. This idea was genius. I bought the book off of amazon since it was cheaper than in store and printed out a cute printable that was based off your cute idea! can't wait to give it to my son one day!


  13. One of my bloggy friend pinned this and so I had to click over and check it out. Very cool (and adorable!) ides!

  14. Love the dr suess idea so much I have brought the book (3 of them actually one for each daughter!!) this may sound like a silly question but do you just get the teachers to sign through the book as the story reads or get them to sign the blank page at the back?? What have others done??

  15. LOVE this idea. Will be giving this to parents of a kindergartener this year! wanted everyone to know that Barnes and Noble has a special graduation book that has extra pages to write in to go along with this idea. Just make sure to get the graduation edition of the book, has a green sticker on the front!