May 2, 2011

Five Little Monkeys . . . . . Part 2

 My son found this at Target dollar and had to have it for his door  :)

While I'm not completely finished I have gotten closer over the past couple of weeks.  All the monkeys are painted and the furniture has been rearranged. 

Here are some closeups of the monkeys.  The first little guy is my favorite.  I love his little tuft of hair and remember when I promised you a little surprise with him. . . . . . . his feet are my two kids hands.  I traced my daughters hand for the left side and my sons on the right.
This one is above his dresser. . . . . 
 These are on the wall above his chest of drawers . . . . .
 These are around his window. . . .
Here are some shots of larger parts of the room.  I got the banana leaf bed canopy from Ikea and the fabric monkey bins from Target.  The toddler bed came from freecycle. . . . . have I said how much I LOVE freecycle?  The bedroom set belonged to my husbands parents.  The nightstand on the left has open shelving.  I'm planning to make some baskets from hardware cloth that I saw on-line at a blog called "Attempting Aloha".

 His old nursery had lambs and I kept the green hills and just painted the top half blue (it was originally a creme color).  I was also able to keep the curtains as they were blue, green and white.

 These are his monkey stuffed animals.  The big one on the left is from a Build-A-Bear Birthday party, the pillow faces are from Target dollar and the rest are from a garage sale.  (The tiger is Pabi - his paci tiger- when he turned 2 we went to Build-A-Bear and put his pacifier inside the tiger)

This bookshelf was from his lamb nursery.  I just hung it lower and put his rocking chair underneath.  My dad bought the rocking chair at an auction.  I'd like to eventually recover it so that it matches better (It's currently covered in teddy bears).  The giant bear is from my sister.  She brought it to him in the hospital a year ago when he had pneumonia.  It's one of his favorites.
This wagon usually houses his stuffed animals when they're not on his bed.  This was another auction find of my dads.  I'm planning on painting it a different color so it matches better.  Not sure what color yet though.

I'm planning to add the phrase "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed . . . . " along the curve of the hill above his bed.  Not sure if I want to cut it out of vinyl or use my projector to paint it on the wall.

I also have three more things to hang . . . . . . somewhere . . . . . .  A picture frame/shelf from his nursery, monkeys with pegs, and monkey frames that both came from Target dollar.
I'll do a short "part 3" post when it's totally finished.
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´   Denise


  1. PRECIOUS!!!


  2. Love it! Sooo cute! I really love that you used their handprints on the monkey feet. Just stopping in to say that I hope you guys have a fantabulous Mother's Day!!!

  3. Absolutely Adorable! I love how his name is scrolled into the mural. (I came across your blog when I was googling ideas for my 1 years old new room)

  4. Denise, this is absolutely adorable! I love the art work! I'm planning on doing some for my boys' room - I hope it comes out half as good! Thank you again for linking up at Tuesday's Nursery!