March 6, 2011

Weekly Organizational Challenge #5 - Organize Entire Kitchen

I have been participating in A Bowl Full of Lemons organizational challenges so many areas of my kitchen are already organized.  We have already worked on the kitchen pantry (which was my worst area - you can see before pictures of the pantry here.  I'm still changing thing a bit in there . . . .  ), spices, and vitamins.  You can click the "organization" link above to see before and after pictures of all the challenges.  Now I just need to tweak a few more areas.  Unfortunately, I don't have many "before" pictures as I continued to organize parts of the kitchen after I started on the pantry but before they were assigned as "challenges".  

This is an "in-between" picture (after the first organization but before the last)
\Here is a final picture of my pantry after I added the remaining containers I bought today.  I switched my chips from the modular tupperware containers that didn't fit the shelves as well to rubber maid containers.  Now we can see through the containers better and they aren't stacked one behind the other so things get lost or have to be moved to get to the back.  Planning to use these containers in other areas.

Not a huge change but it is a little better.

This is a picture of my recipe book organizers.  I have a ton of them but I'm thinking about thinning them out.  I do cook from scratch most nights and am experimenting with homemade mixes and freezer cooking to save time.  I'm also working on making my own health and beauty products and home cleaners.  We plan to eventually add a link to products we're making and the recipes that are working for us.  I do use all of the Gooseberry Patch books and some of the others here and there but I know there are some I never use. 

We also take a few supplements.  I found these containers at Joanns and they work for me because they are small and have screw on  lids.  My husband can just grab the one he wants to take to work without having to take the whole container.  They also hold about 2 weeks + worth of supplements.  I also like the fact that they're small so they're easy to pack to travel with and since the vitamins are a fairly tight fit they don't get banged around or broken up.  I just spend a few minutes every other week or so refilling them.  It really doesn't require that much time.  I have one for my husband, one for me, and my kids share one as they don't take as much.

I have one cabinet for my glass pyrex baking dishes and one for my stainless steel baking pans.  I also have the upright dividers for the thinner items and I added one for my glass dishes. Here's the before (sort of - I actually cleaned it out a little before I remembered to take a picture):
And the after:
I even have room for my stand mixer now

The next area needs work.  This is where I store the remaining plastic storage containers and tupperware.  I have a few coated wire shelves I'm adding to try to organize it better.  Here is the before:
And the after:

This area is where I store the remaining "baby" things such as bibs and burp cloths (that I use as rags).  I also follow the muffin tin lunches idea for my kids.  This is where I store all my fun containers, silicone cupcake liners, and other "kid-sized" meal helpers.
One other area I tackled was my measuring cups and spoons.  They were originally just thrown in a drawer . . . . 
I bought some removable hooks and hung them on the inside of my cabinet doors.  Now I just need to organize the rest of the drawer. 
I still have a few other areas I'd like to organize eventually . . . . . the biggest one is my desk area.  I just can't seem to keep ahead of the paperwork and clutter.  It's still on my "to do" list . . . . and probably will be for a while. . . . 

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(¸.·´   Denise

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