March 19, 2011

Turn jeans into a skirt

My daughter's birthday is in about 10 days.  I showed her several pictures of birthday outfits on-line and she chose a ribbon skirt.  This was so easy.  I don't have a tutorial but they're all over the internet so it should be easy to find one.  I just took a pair of her old jeans that were becoming high waters, cut the legs off, ripped out the seams, and sewed the legs together to make a skirt.  Then she chose 4 ribbons.  I cut them into 4 inch pieces and sewed them on to the right side (outside) of the skirt, added a ribbon trim around the cut edges of the ribbon, flipped it to the inside and sewed a seam.  Then I added a couple ribbons to trim the bottom and sewed the two patterned ribbons back to back to make a belt.  I also ruffled the heart ribbon up and sewed it onto a white shirt in the shape of a number 5 for her 5th birthday.  Not totally thrilled with that part.  I'll probably remove it from the shirt after her birthday and replace it with something else.  E-mail me if you want more details for a particular step or have any other questions.
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