February 8, 2011

Weekly Organizational Challenge #2 - Launch Pad

The organizational challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons this week is a "launch pad".  A launch pad is the area just inside the door where all things necessary for coming or going are stored.  I have a couple "launch pad" areas in my home.  The main one is in the laundry room.  This is where we enter from the garage and pass through to the kitchen.  
My kids backpacks hang from door wreath hangers on the back of the door to the garage.  I "borrowed" this idea from my daughters school.  They hand their first aid/emergency backpack from their classroom doors. 
Then we have two small fabric pouches with coat hooks and a long wood shelf with pegs.

The peg shelf is for my husband, myself, and our swim bags.  My kids each get a pouch.  The pockets are for things they need for school or mittens and other misc.

We also have a "launch pad" by the front door.  During the summer we use the front door a lot as I can't get my car into the garage because of bikes, barbie cars, scooters, etc.  (In the winter these are stored away but it's too much trouble to keep getting them out in the summer)
Eventually, I'd like to cut my kids names out in vinyl with my cricut to put over their hooks.

I also need something on the floor here and in the laundry room to corral all the shoes that my kids discard.  Still working on that.

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(¸.·´   Denise


  1. Hi, I like the idea of the organizational pockets/pouches for the kids and was wondering where you got them from?

    1. I found them several years ago at either Home Depot or Lowe's.