January 30, 2011

Weekly Organizational Challenge #1 - Home Management Binder **FREE Printable**

I'm so excited that this was the first challenge.  I'm actually a little ahead of the game on this one.  A few years (yes, I said years) ago I took a class at Archiver's and made this cute binder. . . . . .  
 . . . but then it sat on my desk until just last year.  I ran across a few articles on home management binders and menu meal planners and I decided I should pull mine out and brush off the dust.  It already had the "bones".  I just needed to tweak it.  It's still a work in progress, as you will see, but it's getting there.

In front is a "to do" notepad 

The tabs are 
basic medical information
to do

I'm stll planning on adding a few others as I customize it for my family.

Contacts:  This page is a blank slate waiting to be filled out.  I found the printout online somewhere.  In this section is also a page for "my contacts".  These pages are for family numbers, friends, doctors, dentists, school, neighbors, and the babysitter.
In this section is also a page with mini pockets to hold business cards
Basic Medical Information:  This section is where I store my insurance information, medications/allergies, and doctor's contact information.  There is a small pocket where I store my kids immunization records.  As I'm looking through this it's seems to be a bit repetitive.  I also have some doctor numbers/info in the contacts section.  I may have to change these sections a little.
Menu:  This is by far my favorite section and was a main reason I started this binder.  I have a cover sheet with the days of the week.  Behind that I have a spreadsheet of all my recipe books and my favorite recipes.  I have them organized by book and type of recipe.  I list the book, the page number, the name of the recipe, and the main ingredients.  I also typed the name of each recipe and put them in individual post it notes.  We can choose our meals for the week, put them on the cover sheet and I can see at a glance if I have the ingredients I need.  The page number helps me find the recipe when it's time to cook.  I even color coordinated the tabs, green are from a recipe book and blue are just things I know how to do from memory or something simple like a vegetable, salad, or bread.  It was totally worth the time it took me to make and has made cooking dinner so much easier.  I also store a master grocery list, pantry list, and my dirty dozen - clean 15 list for produce.
Dates:  This section just has the months of the year with blanks to list important events (like birthdays) and have a 6th month calendar at a glance.  I put these back to back in a sheet protector and I can write on it and erase as needed.

To Do List:  This section has a few parts.  The first is an "errands to run" list.  I made this page on my computer and it has 6 lists on it.  I used my sewing machine with no thread in the needed to perforate between each list.  I can fill in the errands I need to run and then can tear it off so I just need to take one slip at at time.

Next, I have several lists that I put in sheet protectors so that I can write my "to do's" and erase as I complete them.  This way I don't need to keep printing new pages to use.  I have a "to do . . . today . . . this week . . . this year", Things to Organize, Sewing Projects, Gifts to make, and Projects
Housework:  This section has two lists in clear sheet protectors.  The first is a daily, weekly, monthly, annual cleaning schedule and chore checklist for "what kids can do at each age"  These printables came from EecutiveHomemaker.com

The last thing in my binder is another pocket where I store some additional tabs that's I'm considering adding.
As I said this binder is a work in progress.  I'm looking forward to checking out everyone else's ideas at A Bowl Full of Lemons to see what I can "borrow" for my binder.

**UPDATE**  New forms added to my binder.  I created these all in word.  I have a week at a glance one that is similar to the one you'll find on A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I also added:
A Babysitter Checklist (click here for your own printable)
Emergency Information
Medical Information
Weekly Household Cleaning
Still not sure I'm 100% finished but I'm getting there . . . . . 

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´   Denise


  1. Congrats on getting this one done so quickly. It is always nice to have something set up already.

  2. I love this binder. So gorgeous. Now I am jealous. I guess the longer you use a binder the more creative you can be and make a nice one for yourself. Once again I love it....
    Sam (An Organised Mum) www.anorganisedmum.blogspot.com

  3. Love the binder! You did such a great job. It's so cute! Mine looks like it belongs to a preteen. LOL I'm following now throught the Challenge linky.

  4. love how you perforate between each list. might have to try that sometime!

    your binder looks great

  5. OMG! I have the same binder...that I never finished...I am going to have to hunt it up and use it for this...I love it. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Following from the Bowl full fo Lemons Challenge...
    This is beautiful! I love your meal plan section with thge spreadsheet of where each recipe is...i can definitly see how valuable it was to go to all that work. I also like the business card holder area.
    With a binder that pretty I would want to have it out all the time.

  7. So much inspiration! I love how you used your sewing machine to make perferated pages.

  8. Prettiest binder ever! Great job! Thanks for sharing your printables.

  9. I LOVE your binder and Im featuring it tomorrow on A Bowl full of lemons. Congrats!!


  10. This is awesome! I love the sheets you made!

  11. Wow, this is adorable. love it!

  12. You did such a great job...and that binder is just amazing. I love Archivers. I'm working to finish mine up tomorrow and post it. This is just what our family needed.

  13. Was sent to you by Bowl full of Lemons and you have the prettiest binder by far.

  14. Love this, can't wait to do mine!! It's such a great way to keep everything in one spot!