January 21, 2011

Day 18 - 21 Day Organizational Challenge - "Keepsakes/Momentos" (Denise)

I actually have keepsakes in several places.  I'd like to try to organize them a little better.  I have a rubbermaid tub for each child that I saved things like the outfit they wore home, their first christmas outfit, their first pair of shoes, their first toy, etc.  I've stored these in my sons closet for now simply because he has room. 

I also created a shadow box that has their newborn photo, the hat from the hospital and their first pair of baby shoes.  Here's a picture of the area where my keepsake is displayed.  (FYI:  My lampshade broke so I need to design a new one.  This is one of those with the sticky sides that you can paper . . . . just haven't had time to do it yet  . . . . also not positive how I want to do it.)

 Here is a close-up of the keepsake box.  It was actually a wedding present from my mom and dad from Pottery Barn.
In addition to these I have a basket in my kitchen with a file for each kid.  I store their papers as they come home each day.  Once the year is over I transfer the papers to their permanent home in a crate.  I wasn't happy with plain crates and boring green hanging files so I added some ribbon and covered each folder in scrapbook paper (12x12 pieces worked perfectly).  I also borrowed the idea from I Heart Organizing of matched labels and a cover sheet for each year.  Click on the link if you want to see or download her versions.  I downloaded her labels and then changed the colors to match my kids crates and I created my own cover sheet similar to hers (although I plan to store my inside the front of each folder since I decorated the outside with paper).  If you'd like a copy of mine just send me a message.
 cover sheet for my sons

labels for my sons (I have K-12, MDO, Pre-k 3, Pre-k 4)

 cover sheet for my daughters

 labels for my daughters (I have K-12, MDO, Pre-k 3, Pre-k 4)

I also have tons of photos in photo storage boxes, although I am way behind on them.  I have a stack of photos that I need to date and put in the boxes.  This is my goal for today since I'm planning on scrapping with a couple of friends tomorrow evening at Archiver's.  

I'll update this post more as I get more organized.

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(¸.·´   Denise


  1. Love the ribbon on the crates and thanks for sharing the cover sheets! Awesome job!

  2. I really love what you have set up so far!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. sounds like you got a pretty good system going! way to go!

  4. Love your crates! So simple, yet so pretty! (and handsome!)