January 18, 2011

Day 15 - 21 Day Organizational Challenge - "Medicine/Vitamins" (Denise)

This was another fairly easy one for me.  Most of my meds/vitamins got organized when I cleaned out my the medicine cabinet.  I don't actually have any medicine cabinets.  I have a large, extra linen closet in my master bath.  It holds all my extra bath stuff as well as meds.  I did also have a drawer in my vanity that had aspirin and OTC cold remedies.  Since I cleaned out this closet in a past challenge I had extra room.  I cleaned out the drawer, tossed a few things and moved the rest into the linen closet.  I forgot to take a before picture of the drawer.  We also have some vitamins that we take and these are organized in a plastic shoe box in my kitchen. To save some time I labeled the lids with a sharpie like I did with my spices so that I don't have to pull them all out to find the one I need.
Before I added the OTC meds from the drawer:
 After I added the OTC meds from the drawer:
 Not a huge change from the before picture but everything is in one place now and I have an almost empty drawer.  It only has nail polish and extra toothbrushes.

Here are the supplements that we take.  Since we take these every day with food I store them on a shelf in my pantry.

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(¸.·´   Denise

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