November 30, 2010

Matching Dresses

I think it's fair to say that Jillian and myself have become a little obsessed with sewing over the past few months.  It started out innocently enough. . . just a free tutorial for a skirt . . . then one for a cute top. . . . then we progressed to actual purchased patterns.  Out latest focus has been on making clothes for the new baby dolls we bought our daughters for Christmas.  

Our first experience with doll clothes came after we made some cute corduroy jumpers with ruffles for the girls for thanksgiving.
 Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of my daughter wearing hers.  I was so busy with family and all the preparations I forgot to take her picture.  You may recognize the turkey hairbow, though.  She also had a matching one pinned to the front of her jumper  . . . . as did her baby who was wearing the same jumper.  I also made a turkey shirt for my son so he didn't feel left out.  I'll try to add a better picture of her jumper and her babies.  The jumper for the girls was from a pattern (Simplicity, I think) but we created our own pattern for the baby doll.  If you're interested in making one please leave us a comment and we'll try to make a tutorial for it.

Before we made the thanksgiving jumpers we started with something easier . . . .
This matching set was from a panel that was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  So simple.  We just had to cut out the front and back and a lining for each one and then sew them together.  The snowman was already printed and it included a tiny one for her baby.  If you're interested in this one check your local Hobby Lobby.  It was $10 (but of course I used a 40% off coupon) and can be made in sizes 2-6 (I think).  I make the ruffled pony-o's as well and they're in my etsy shop. 

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November 28, 2010

Wine Bottle Cozy (Gift Bag)

 I was reading the paper this weekend and I saw an ad for Christmas gifts and some wine bottle sleeves caught my eye.  They were made from red cotton sweaters.  I have made these lambs in the past . . . 

 . . . . . from wool sweaters.  I decided to use the left over wool to make some wine bottle cozies.
Here are the simple steps. . . 
(*Note - since I had used this wool previously it was already felted.  I used old sweaters and washed them in hot soapy water in the washing machine a couple times.  Once it's properly felted you can cut it and not worry about it fraying)
Wrap the wool around the bottle to determine where to sew.  I used the edge of the sweater for the top so that I had a nice finished edge.  I pinned it along the length of the bottle and trimmed off the excess around the bottom.  You can also see where I cut out a pocket and pinned it to the bottom.
 I stitched on the pocket near the bottom and then I put wrong sides together and stitched up the length of the bottle so the seam would show on the outside. Next, I cut a circle from a scrap piece for the bottom.  Since this wool was thinner and had some stretch to it I cut it pretty close to the size of the bottom of the bottle.
I turned the sleeve inside out so the wrong side was outside and pinned the circle to the bottom and stitched all the way around.
I turned it right side out and slipped my bottle of wine inside.  The pocket can be used for a little note card.  You can also make it larger and add a bottle opener or some chocolate.
For the purple cozy, my wool was less stretchy so I made the bottom a little larger to allow for a seam allowance. 
  I skipped the pocket on this one and instead added some buttons and used a scrap to tie like a scarf.
 If you like the ones I made and don't want to attempt the tutorial these will be in my etsy store soon.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the cozies I made or the tutorial.  
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November 22, 2010

Superboy and Supergirl

My kids are wanna be superheroes and the dishtowel capes just aren't working for me anymore. I decided to make them superhero capes for Christmas. Batman and Superman for my son and Supergirl and a Princess for my daughter. I found the tutorial here including the patterns to cut out the applique. So easy. I'm finished with my sons . . . . 

now if I can just find the time to finish my daughters . . . . . .

 (After looking at these pictures I think I may change the crown to light pink.)

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ ´♥ ¸¸.·¨¯·♥ Denise

November 17, 2010

Unique Ruffled Pony-Os

So I bought this really cute ponytail holder for my daughter for Halloween from Joanns.  The only problem  . . . . .now that halloween is over it doesn't match anything.  After studying it for a little while I decided I could make my own similar version.  This is what I came up with:
 This version is the shorter one and is approximately 5" in length.

This is the longer version and is approximately 8" in length.

They're available for purchase in my etsy store here.  I'm hoping to add more color choices soon.  Please send me a message if you have a particular color combination you'd like to see.  Thanks!!

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November 14, 2010

Kinsey & Pabi

In order to get my kids to give up their pacifiers we took each one to Build-A-Bear so they could pick out a special bear and sew their pacifiers up inside.  My daughter chose a pink bear, of course, and named her Kinsey.  My son chose a tiger (for Mizzou) and since he wasn't really talking yet we named his Pabi after his for his pacifier.  A few months later I happened to be at Michael's when they had all their stuffed animal clothing on clearance for $0.99.  Of course I had to buy each child's animal several outfits.  I was looking at the pile of clothes and some small hangers the other day when the idea hit.  I could make a wardrobe hanger for each kid!

I started with these stair ballisters that we used to use to prop up a leaf on my table when my son was still using his hook-on high chair.  Then, again at Michaels, I happened to see these wood circles on sale for $0.10 each so I bought 4.  
 My first step was to cut the ballisters in half.  Then using a drill I screwed the wood rounds to the top and bottom.
 Next, was to cover everything with a new coat of bright white trim paint.
At this point they kind of remind me of some pillar candle holders that I paid a lot of money for . . . oh well, live and learn.  Next, I drilled a 5/16" hole through each one so I could insert the dowel rod.  This step took me a little while.
All that was left to do was paint the dowel rod, slide it through the holes (this was a tight fit so I'll need to touch up the paint on the dowel) and then hang some clothes.  I'm pretty happy with the result.  These are christmas presents for my kids (as are some of the outfits) so I won't see their reactions for a while.
This is my first tutorial so please let me know if I left anything out or if any steps are confusing.

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ ´♥ ¸¸.·¨¯·♥ Denise

November 12, 2010

Teddy Turkey Tutorial

So…3 burnt fingers later here it is…
We tried a couple different approaches with this one, since I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out at first.  The second was by far the easiest.  So, with the help of my cohort and professional photographer, aka, Denise, here is the tutorial full of photographs and helpful instructions.  The girls obviously LOVED LOVED LOVED to pose and play in the leaves for this one...well, after a little bribery from the leftover Halloween candy first, then they REALLY got into it!
Materials needed:
3/8” Cranberry Red Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Brown Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Orange Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Gold Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/16” Feather Edge Satin Ribbon – 4.5”
Scrap pieces of red, gold, and brown felt for feet, beak, waddle, and feather attachment
2 Small google eyes
1” brown pom-poms
1 1/8” Brown Button (I used a Cover Button and small piece of brown cotton fabric to cover it)
Single Prong alligator clip
3/8” Grosgrain ribbon (I used brown) to cover alligator clip – approx 8”
Glue Gun
Sewing needle and thread (optional)

Oh goodness…here we go!!!!!

For the Feathers:
1.       Cut 2 small 1” circles out of the brown felt.  You will use these to attach the feathers to.
2.        Cut each of the 18” ribbons into 4 pieces.  I chose to heat seal the ends of all of them, but I don’t think it really matters.  You should have 4 Red, 4 Brown, 4 Orange, and 4 Gold.
3.       Loop each ribbon similar to the awareness ribbon (matching the ends of the ribbon together) and attach to the edge of the felt circle.  I secured this with thread instead of hot glue since I will be selling them on my Etsy Shop page. But if you want to just use hot glue, that would be fine too. I used one long piece of thread, one stitch for each ribbon loop.
4.       Continue this, alternating colors until you have gone half way around the circle using 8 pieces of the ribbon.
5.       Repeat Step 3 on top of the first row making a second layer of feathers.
6.       Take the second felt circle and secure it to the first felt circle so that the feathers are sandwiched between them.
7.       Stitch or hot glue your Button or covered Button to the felt circle. 
Yea!  You now have feathers and a body! 
To make the head:
1.       Cut a triangle out of the gold felt.  This will be the beak. 
2.       Cut a small teardrop shape out of the red felt.  This will be the waddle.
3.       Fold the beak in half and sandwich the waddle between it.  Secure with glue.  Then attach this to the brown pom-pom with hot glue. 
4.       Attach the google eyes using hot glue next.
5.       Now put a GLOB of hot glue on the body (button) and smoosh the head (pom-pom) on top.
Doesn’t his little face look so cute! 
His legs and feet!
1.       Cut out 2 small feet shapes (see my photo) from the gold felt.
2.       Fold the 4.5” feather edge ribbon in half at an angle.  This makes his legs.
3.       Hot glue the feet to the ends of the ribbon legs.
4.       Then hot glue the legs to the back of your turkey body.
How to cover the alligator clip with ribbon (optional)
1.       Heat  seal the ends of the 3/8” grosgrain ribbon. 
2.       Apply hot glue to about 1” of the end of the ribbon. 
3.       Open the Alligator clip and apply to the underside of the top. 
4.       Continue adding hot glue to the ribbon and wrap over the end of the clip.  Push the ribbon into the end of the clip to make sure the ribbon attaches to the clippy part.
5.       Wrap it around to the back of the clip and cut off the end and heat seal.  Secure that the to clip with hot glue.
6.       Apply a glob of hot glue to the top of the covered clip and attach it to the back of the Turkey, centering it in the middle of the felt circle.
ALL DONE!!!! Isn't he the cutest! Hope you enjoy it!

If any of these steps are confusing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below.  This is my very first tutorial!