December 10, 2010

Snowman Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Aren't these TOO cute!  Denise came across a free printable to make these and went right out to get all the materials. They are perfect little gifts for the holidays.  We are giving ours to our kids teachers.  Plus how many times have you had an unexpected guest drop by during the holidays and you wish you had something to just hand them on the way out.  Well, make up a batch of these babies and away they will go!

To begin these are the materials you will need.
cotton holiday fabric (or plain color is fine)
Chocolate Bar
Sewing machine (optional) you can always hand stitch or hot glue if you want

The candy bar wrapper printable was originally found on Laurie Furnell's blog but she no longer has it listed. She has several others on her blog though.

For the snowman, you need to go to the following link and print out your snowman on regular paper. Make sure it is landscape, and take off the internet header too!

Snowman Printable  (however this one was originally designed as a popcorn wrapper which is why we had to adjust the measurements) 

First, Cut off 1.25 inches from the right side and 2.75 inches from the left side of the snowman.  Then use your ruler to mark off the following measurements:  1 inch from bottom, 1.5 inches from top, 2.25 inches from each side, left and right.  Then fold on each of those lines like this.
This is what it looks like all folded.
Now put the Chocolate Bar inside the folded paper, like this: (I rotated the picture, oops) and secure with tape.

Ta-Da! He's naked...gotta clothe this guy before he catches a cold!
For the Hat:
Cut a piece of the felt (4x5) inches - make sure it stretches in the 5 direction
fold 4 inch sides together and sew that edge so you have a tube
now, flip inside out and roll up bottom for a cuff, and stretch it onto the little naked snowman.

slip on hat, tie with a scrap (make sure it stretches), and pull it taught to make the ends curl up.
Now use your scissors to cut fringe in the little guys hat.  Just to make him that much cuter!
and last...cut 15" x 1" piece of cotton fabric and tie on for scarf.
AHHHHH!  He's adorable!  Can't wait to give him out.


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(¸.·´Denise & Jillian


  1. this is the cutest thing I have seen in awhile....thank you for the tut, can't wait to make them!

  2. I made a mini version of these for my daughers preschool class. I couldn't find full sized candy bars (random I know!) so I used the snack sized ones. I will post a pic on my blog - soon. Thanks for a great idea!

  3. I totally downloaded these yesterday, I can't wait to make them. The face is darling. Yours looks so cute. Jen

  4. Just joined your blog Heather. I can't wait to see the mini candy bar wrappers and try some of your tutorials!

  5. Thanks for the email Mari, I reprinted it myself this time and fixed the measurements! I appreciate it!

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    I featured on you Saturday Shout Outs!

  7. Oh very cute and fun!! I love them!

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    Hope to see you there!


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  9. The snowman printable is from It was originally posted 11/30/2008.

  10. The hat and scarf make it awesome. How cute! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cute back then, still cute today! If anyone is interested, Laurie sells her designs through Etsy, and you can find this darling snowman here: