November 12, 2010

Teddy Turkey Tutorial

So…3 burnt fingers later here it is…
We tried a couple different approaches with this one, since I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out at first.  The second was by far the easiest.  So, with the help of my cohort and professional photographer, aka, Denise, here is the tutorial full of photographs and helpful instructions.  The girls obviously LOVED LOVED LOVED to pose and play in the leaves for this one...well, after a little bribery from the leftover Halloween candy first, then they REALLY got into it!
Materials needed:
3/8” Cranberry Red Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Brown Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Orange Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/8” Gold Grosgrain Ribbon – 18”
3/16” Feather Edge Satin Ribbon – 4.5”
Scrap pieces of red, gold, and brown felt for feet, beak, waddle, and feather attachment
2 Small google eyes
1” brown pom-poms
1 1/8” Brown Button (I used a Cover Button and small piece of brown cotton fabric to cover it)
Single Prong alligator clip
3/8” Grosgrain ribbon (I used brown) to cover alligator clip – approx 8”
Glue Gun
Sewing needle and thread (optional)

Oh goodness…here we go!!!!!

For the Feathers:
1.       Cut 2 small 1” circles out of the brown felt.  You will use these to attach the feathers to.
2.        Cut each of the 18” ribbons into 4 pieces.  I chose to heat seal the ends of all of them, but I don’t think it really matters.  You should have 4 Red, 4 Brown, 4 Orange, and 4 Gold.
3.       Loop each ribbon similar to the awareness ribbon (matching the ends of the ribbon together) and attach to the edge of the felt circle.  I secured this with thread instead of hot glue since I will be selling them on my Etsy Shop page. But if you want to just use hot glue, that would be fine too. I used one long piece of thread, one stitch for each ribbon loop.
4.       Continue this, alternating colors until you have gone half way around the circle using 8 pieces of the ribbon.
5.       Repeat Step 3 on top of the first row making a second layer of feathers.
6.       Take the second felt circle and secure it to the first felt circle so that the feathers are sandwiched between them.
7.       Stitch or hot glue your Button or covered Button to the felt circle. 
Yea!  You now have feathers and a body! 
To make the head:
1.       Cut a triangle out of the gold felt.  This will be the beak. 
2.       Cut a small teardrop shape out of the red felt.  This will be the waddle.
3.       Fold the beak in half and sandwich the waddle between it.  Secure with glue.  Then attach this to the brown pom-pom with hot glue. 
4.       Attach the google eyes using hot glue next.
5.       Now put a GLOB of hot glue on the body (button) and smoosh the head (pom-pom) on top.
Doesn’t his little face look so cute! 
His legs and feet!
1.       Cut out 2 small feet shapes (see my photo) from the gold felt.
2.       Fold the 4.5” feather edge ribbon in half at an angle.  This makes his legs.
3.       Hot glue the feet to the ends of the ribbon legs.
4.       Then hot glue the legs to the back of your turkey body.
How to cover the alligator clip with ribbon (optional)
1.       Heat  seal the ends of the 3/8” grosgrain ribbon. 
2.       Apply hot glue to about 1” of the end of the ribbon. 
3.       Open the Alligator clip and apply to the underside of the top. 
4.       Continue adding hot glue to the ribbon and wrap over the end of the clip.  Push the ribbon into the end of the clip to make sure the ribbon attaches to the clippy part.
5.       Wrap it around to the back of the clip and cut off the end and heat seal.  Secure that the to clip with hot glue.
6.       Apply a glob of hot glue to the top of the covered clip and attach it to the back of the Turkey, centering it in the middle of the felt circle.
ALL DONE!!!! Isn't he the cutest! Hope you enjoy it!

If any of these steps are confusing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below.  This is my very first tutorial!


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