November 14, 2010

Kinsey & Pabi

In order to get my kids to give up their pacifiers we took each one to Build-A-Bear so they could pick out a special bear and sew their pacifiers up inside.  My daughter chose a pink bear, of course, and named her Kinsey.  My son chose a tiger (for Mizzou) and since he wasn't really talking yet we named his Pabi after his for his pacifier.  A few months later I happened to be at Michael's when they had all their stuffed animal clothing on clearance for $0.99.  Of course I had to buy each child's animal several outfits.  I was looking at the pile of clothes and some small hangers the other day when the idea hit.  I could make a wardrobe hanger for each kid!

I started with these stair ballisters that we used to use to prop up a leaf on my table when my son was still using his hook-on high chair.  Then, again at Michaels, I happened to see these wood circles on sale for $0.10 each so I bought 4.  
 My first step was to cut the ballisters in half.  Then using a drill I screwed the wood rounds to the top and bottom.
 Next, was to cover everything with a new coat of bright white trim paint.
At this point they kind of remind me of some pillar candle holders that I paid a lot of money for . . . oh well, live and learn.  Next, I drilled a 5/16" hole through each one so I could insert the dowel rod.  This step took me a little while.
All that was left to do was paint the dowel rod, slide it through the holes (this was a tight fit so I'll need to touch up the paint on the dowel) and then hang some clothes.  I'm pretty happy with the result.  These are christmas presents for my kids (as are some of the outfits) so I won't see their reactions for a while.
This is my first tutorial so please let me know if I left anything out or if any steps are confusing.

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ ´♥ ¸¸.·¨¯·♥ Denise

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